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Great Lakes Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is committed to caring for all of it's patients by providing treatment to help you feel better, and enjoy life fully.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is one of the 24 medical specialties certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.


Physiatry provides integrated care in the treatment of all neurologic and musculoskeletal disabilities from traumatic brain injury to lower back pain.


The specialty focuses on the restoration of function to people with problems ranging from simple physical mobility issues to those with complex cognitive involvement.

Rehabilitation physicians are nerve, muscle and bone experts. We diagnose and treat injuries that affect how you move. Our goal is to reduce pain and restore function without surgery.

We specialize most specifically in the treatment of Sports Injury, Work Injury, Auto Injury and Neck/Back Injuries. 

We also work with Cellular Medicine, which combines biology of functional, efficacy of integrative medicine and personalization of precision medicine into protocols and treatments that combine peptides therapy, small molecules, metabolic science, stem cells, exosomes, bioidentical hormones and other alternative therapies with a goal to harness the intelligence of the cell by working with the thermodynamic ratios of nucleotide cofactors, we gain control of cellular efficiency and flexibility leading to a state of stable redox. 


With improved redox of the cell, we gain the ability to control the fate of the epigenome which can lead to improved health span, improved longevity, and most importantly it gives us the ability to work with disease in a completely different framework focusing on reversal and prevention. 

We help patients stay as active as possible, at any age! Our broad medical expertise has trained us to diagnose and treat disabling conditions throughout a person's lifetime.

Additionally, we associate closely with a few local therapy facilities to ensure close contact and communication during your treatment, which will allow you to maximize your functional recovery and achieve your goals.

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Electrodiagnostic Studies

Records the electrical activity of muscles. When muscles are active, they produce an electrical current. This current is usually proportional to the level of the muscle activity.

Botox Treatments
Botox is a purified protein that helps relax overactive and painful muscles. Can be used to treat spasticity, myofascial pain, back pain, neck pain, or neuropathy.
Injection Treatments

We offer a wide variety of these minimally-invasive injections, both steroidal and non-steroidal options, to best suit your needs - each with their own purpose and benefit.


We understand the importance of being able to meet remotely with your doctor, when possible, especially when injured. We can use this technology to meet you where you are.

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Dr. Anne Abrahamson, M.D., Diplomate, ABPMR

Great Lakes Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, P.C.
Medical Director of PM&R - Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital

Dr. Anne Abrahamson is a life-long resident of the Downriver area, and was born in Dearborn. She received an undergraduate degree from Wayne State University in Nutrition and Food Science, and then went on to earn her Medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine.

She completed her residency as well as her post-doctoral studies at William Beaumont Hospital, and is Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. She has also completed her Fellowship in Cellular Medicine.

Although Dr. Abrahamson provides a wide range of treatments, her special areas of interest include sports medicine, EMG and musculoskeletal medicine - with a special focus on pain management in the form of joint and trigger point injections.

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"Dr. Abrahamson is compassionate and listens to what you have to say regarding your pain and previous treatments you have had with other doctors. She does take a hands on approach to try to alleviate your pain and come up with other options. She has never given me that hurriedly up feeling that so many other physicians do nowadays. I really do like going to see her, sometimes just speaking with her to obtain new ideas for pain relief is a help all in itself. Thank you!"

"Dr. Anne Abrahamson is the most caring physician I've ever met. She has treated my mother-in-law, my husband and my brother-in-law over the past few years, so my recommendation is based on quite a number of experiences. She spends as much time as is required to make sure all questions are answered, all issues handled and all testing is done. During my mother-in-laws two hospitalizations, she provided daily care and follow up. Not only does she come highly recommended as "the best" by our primary care physicians, but is kind, patient, and thoughtful. You can tell that she sincerely cares about her patients. I love that. Add to that the fact that she donates her time and talent and financial resources to an annual charity gala that benefits the patients of the Center for Rehabilitation at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. I call that going above and beyond the call of duty. Her office staff is responsive and courteous. I can't give a high enough recommendation."

"Dr. Anne Abrahamson and her staff are truly amazing. I started seeing Anne last August to 'fix' myself rather than post rehab. I was the typical out of shape 48 year old business owner that was taking care of everything but me at the time.

Dr. Anne and her staff took the time to do the most comprehensive blood/ body exam I have ever had done. From there was put on a program of vitamins, The Red Bed, and other medicines to correct my bodies deficient areas. Today, I am still on my journey, and my life is still changing daily due to Dr. Anne helping me obtain those goals.

I trust her more than I have ever trusted a physician before."

- Robert S.

- Linda D.

- Willow T.

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